To Dial MeetingPlace Conferencing System: 

From a NextPointe phone, dial 8800

From external phone, dial (305) 537-9537

Initialize your Meeting Place profile:

Before you start hosting conferences, please follow the steps below to initialize your MeetingPlace profile (one time only):

    Step 1. Dial Meeting Place Number

    Step 2. At the prompt, please press 3 then # to access your profile.

    Step 3. Enter your profile number. 

The profile number should have been provided to you at the time your account was set up. It is a 6 or 7 digit number that consist of a company code (first 3 digits) and the extension number (last digits).

    Step 4. Enter your PIN number

The Meeting Place PIN number is different from your voicemail PIN number. The initial (default) PIN number is 123456.


   Step 5. Follow the prompts to record your name and/or change your PIN number.

Hosting a Conference

Note: All conferences you create will have the same Meeting ID, which is the same as your Profile Number. Provide meeting participants with the Meeting Place phone number, the meeting ID, and the meeting time. Participants who join before the host initiates the conference will be place on hold until the host arrives.

Step 1. Dial Meeting Place Number

Step 2. At the prompt, please press 2 then # to start a meeting now.

Step 3. Enter your profile number then press #.

Step 4. Enter your PIN number then press #.

Step 5.(Optional) Enter a passcode for your participants to join the conference and then press # (or press # to bypass and set up the conference without a passcode)

Example Instructions to Attendees

To join the conference dial +1 (305) 537-9537 

Meeting ID: 199123
Passcode: 1234