How to send faxes via email


To send faxes via email, please send fax message as email attachment to  <fax number> Only attachment types .pdf, .txt, .tif, .tiff, and .ps are supported.

Please review below restrictions and other important information:

  • The recipient address (To) must follow the syntax where FAXNUMBER is the recipient’s 1+10-digit US number. I.e.
  • For international fax numbers please provide the number starting with the country code without + sign, 011 or other prefixes. I.e.
  • Anything in the body of the email will be included in the cover page of the fax. An empty body will result in no cover page being sent and only the attachment(s) being faxed.
  • The fax server will accept attachments in the below formats:

Text (.txt)

PDF (.pdf)

Tiff (.tif or .tiff)

Post Script (.ps)


The maximum attachment size is 20MB  / Cannot attach over 3 attachments per fax

Email example: